Small Websites That Deserve to Rank Better in Google

On 28 August 2013 Matt Cutts tweeted out a request to get recommendations for small websites that should be doing better in Google.

Do the right websites rank well in Google - Matt Cutts tweet


The link will take you through to a Google doc where you can enter your recommendations.


Small websites rankig in Google


The two simple questions are:

What’s a small website you think should be ranking higher in Google?

Why does this site deserve to outrank the current websites in Google’s search results?

There is a caveat, however:

Google would like to hear feedback about small but high-quality websites that could do better in our search results. To be clear, we’re just collecting feedback at this point; for example, don’t expect this survey to affect any site’s ranking.


Why might Matt Cutts be asking this question?

It is quite an interesting exercise that Matt is undertaking, and I reckon there could be a number of different objectives for this exercise

Breaking down the “big brand” barrier in the search results:  recent algorithmic changes in Google has resulted in big branded websites dominating the top positions. The idealistic view of the Internet as a”level playing field” for small businesses has been damaged, and this could be an exercise to see how the algorithm can be improved so smaller high quality sites still rank well

Increasing the diversity of the search results:  I bet you can name a few predictable sites that you expect will often occupy the top results:  directory listings, news sites. Perhaps this exercise to improve the rich tapestry of valuable content.

Understanding the perception of quality: this survey is looking for qualitative data describing what specifically makes one website better than another.


This is a very interesting exercise, and in particular seeing Google reach out to the user community for their feedback.

Will they share the results with us? Will the survey influence the algorithm? Is it just a PR exercise to improve the friendly face of Google?

No matter what, it is an interesting exercise and bound to raise interest with small business owners.

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