Last week Snapchat released its latest update and introduced three new features. These include extra replays, the addition of lenses, and a Trophy Showcase.

When installed, this update is not turned on by default and has to be activated in the apps settings menu.

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1. Replays

Until now Snapchat has used advertising as a method of monetisation. In a recent blog post Snapchat revealed that users can now buy three additional replays for $0.99. This feature give users the ability to replay three snaps. Without paying for bonus replays, users can only replay one snap per day for free.

This in-app purchase feature goes slightly against Snapchat’s original niche of ephemeral marketing, where messages can only last for a limited amount of time.

 2. Lenses

Snapchat bought Looksery and are now using the same filters as the Kickstarter app did. This fun feature is called ‘lenses’ and uses face recognition technology when users have a camera on front facing. Users can then choose from a selection of animations and overlay effects they wish to appear over the selfies they have taken.

3. The Trophy Case

Snapchat already has aspects of gamification. For example, giving friends emoticons to represent how often you talk to someone. The Trophy Case feature further gamifies the app. The Trophy case is a rewards system in which users can unlock new emoticons for different achievements i.e. doing different things on the app.  It is currently unclear what these tasks are.

By adding these new features Snapchat is still keeping the young demographic excited and interested in using this social network. This is good news if you’re a B2C with a young demographic! What in-app purchase will Snapchat introduce next?

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