Social bookmarking is an online tool which allows people to organise, rate and share their favourite sites on the Internet. You categorise your favourite sites using tags, which describes the content of the page.

Other people who are interested in the same tags can browse through your selections, based on your recommendation, choose to bookmark the page themselves. Now, put on your search engine optimisation hat:

Social bookmarks = links
Tags = keyphrase

Social bookmarking should form an important part of your internet marketing strategy. Bookmarks generate links, and bookmarks generate traffic.

Social bookmarking is also being considered carefully by the major search engines as a valuable source of vetted, highly recommended sites.

There are literally dozens of social bookmarking sites, including, Shadows, Yahoo’s MyWeb, Furl and newly launched Diigo.

You can embed a link to these social bookmarking services on your webpages, encouraging readers to bookmark til the cows come home.

However, you could end up with a plethora of icons cluttering up your page with links to each specific service.

There’s a solution.

At the bottom of my blog articles I have now inserted an icon link to the Socializer service, which gives my readers quick access to any of their favourite social bookmarking services.

It works like this:

So, your actions are:

  • start experimenting and get experience with the social bookmarking services
  • consider whether you want to include social bookmarking “calls to action” on your web pages
  • plan how to get the social bookmarks rolling

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