Internet marketing means we have more communication tools than ever before. And, what’s more, the speed at which they are being introduced – and at which the public are lapping them up – doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Social Media Marketing FrameworkHere is a 5 step framework for your Social Media Marketing strategy to help you to review which digital marketing techniques work for you, and create a plan which is right for your organisation, your budget and your audiences.

What are your objectives for using Digital Media?

Are you looking to:

  • acquire more visitors to your website?
  • convert visitors into customers?
  • engage more fully with your clients?
  • improve the retention and loyalty of your customers?

Step 1: Planning

I have to confess, I like to do the planning bit after the next steps, but all the text books say planning has to come first…

  • Who will be responsible?
  • Who needs to be kept informed?
  • How is social media being used in your sector?
  • What are you competitors doing with social media marketing?
  • What are your SMART objectives?
  • How will you report against these objectives?

Step 2: Listening

  • What terms will help you to identify relevant conversations in the social media marketing space.
  • Try monitoring your digital footprint
  • Who are the leaders of the pack, setting the agenda?
  • At what points in a customer journey do people connect?
  • How are you able to monitor these conversations?

Step 3:  Conversing

  • Who are you speaking to?  Journalists? Customers? Intermediaries?
  • Which social media platforms do they use?
  • Who is the “real” person who will be the voice of your SM?
  • Create a content / editorial schedule
  • What good stuff (“link bait”) will you have your site?

Step 4: Responding

  • How will you handle responding?
  • Public vs private responding
  • Do you have a Social Media policy?

Step 5: Measuring Your Success

  • Money is a key measure:  Sales
  • Reverb: Fans, Followers, Friends
  • Engagement: Videos viewed, programmes downloaded
  • Quality vs Quantity
  • Return on Investment
  • Google Analytics Social Media Filter & Goals

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