I am a big fan of blogging, and indeed you are reading my blog right now! But if you are a blogger then you know it takes much time and effort to write the posts, keep it up to date, and promote it.  So how can you know if it is all worthwhile? I am going to share with you two practical social media measurement tools that will help you know if you are getting good return on investment in your valuable blogging efforts.

In order to measure effectiveness then you need to start with your aims and objectives for your blog.   Are you looking to:

  • use your blog as a search engine optimisation tool to drive new visitors to your site
  • position yourself as an expert at what you do
  • raise your profile
  • build trust in order to gain new customers
  • engage with your current customer base
  • better understand what your customers want

Depending on what you are going to achieve, there are a number of ways of measuring whether you are doing a good job, and how effective your blogging is.

Social Crawlytics: measuring your most shared blogging content

Social Crawlytics ( is a free social media measurement tool that lets you know your most shared content and the social networks your blog content is reaching.

Enter your blog web address, and you will see how well your blog is performing across the social network, for example how many people have tweeted your content or shared it on Google+ .  In the chart below you can see we have a strong sharing profile on Twitter and LinkedIn presence, but not quite as signficant on Facebook or Pinterest:

social media measurement social crawlytics

In addition to the top level measurements, we can also drill down to see which blog posts are proving to be most popular.   This report breaks down shares for each blog post by social platform.  What can we learn from this?  Perhaps how to best plan our future content, and in our case we should continue to develop our infographics:

blog posts social measurement

We are a very competitive lot, and Social Crawlytics will also provide a breakdown of your most popular authors if you write a team blog.

And if you are into competitor research, you can very nicely run this analysis on your competitors’ blogs to see just how well they are doing, and the strategies that are working well for them!

Google Analytics Blog Performance Dashboard

The second of the tools you can use to measure the effectiveness of your blog is your own Google Analytics data.

We have created a Dashboard that gives us key performance indicators for our blog.

blog analytics dashboard

What are we measuring on this dashboard??

  • our most popular posts
  • how often each post has acted as a landing page from a search engine
  • what channels are driving blog readers
  • how many new readers we are reaching

To sum up…

I am very impressed by the Social Crawlytics data, and would recommend you give it a spin if you want another view on how well your blog is performing.

And setting up a Google Analytics Dashboard will help you to better understand the impact your blog is having, and if it is supporting your marketing objectives.

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    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the shout out, I am pleased you like Social Crawlytics.

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