Find out how to effectively manage your social media community

The new channels of communication between businesses and customers have created a space that means there can be an ongoing, two-way conversation and even a whole community that can transcend your business.

From our experience we have found businesses needed:

  • To interact with their social media fans and followers
  • Increase their following on social channels that matter to them
  • Keep on top of what conversations are happening around their brand

That is where community management comes into play. While the ultimate goal of social media marketing is to increase conversions – community management on the other hand seeks to create, develop or change a community on social media to make the community stronger.

Find out how we can effectively manage your social media and help it grow

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Our experts share their thoughts

Driving more people to engage with your business on social media can lead to lots of good things.

Managing a community well can help you retain customers, attract new prospects and increase your brand recognition and reputation.

Developing a relationship takes time but can deliver huge benefits

Community management is a long view – it is unlikely to provide an immediate hit of leads but developing a community that feel it is a part of your business is something that will reap rewards further down the line.

At Hallam internet we can help interact with your customers and develop how your social media community feels and respond to changes and developments on the social networks and in your business. This much more than just tweeting and replying on Facebook.

Creating a plan that will help you reach your social goals

Our social media specialists are able to work with you to develop your current social media management strategy – or if you do not currently have one work with you to create one.

This strategy can look to both short term and longer term goals and can include what content you produce and how this should be shared.

Finding out what your community is talking about

Another string to the bow of social management is keeping an ear to the ground to what people are talking about and finding interesting. We can help your business listen to, learn from and engage with your customers in a way that benefits both you and and them.

Our team can find the pulse of your customers on social media and by listening to it can help drive where your business is going both online and offline.