Content is king and creating great content is what we do

The world is awash with content and to stand out you have to produce something interesting, shareable and good-looking.

From our experience clients want their social media content to:

  • Build their social media community
  • Show them as a thought leader in their field
  • Increase traffic to their website and deliver high-value leads

Our fantastic team of digital marketing executives, PR experts and brilliant designers are able to work together and devise content that is exactly what people want to share.

A carefully created social media strategy understands what your customers want to share, what social media channels they are active on and what form content should take. Armed with that knowledge we can tailor our work to create something that is educational, informative, entertaining and most of all shareable.

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Our experts share their thoughts

Content development for social media can appear daunting at first, let Hallam take away the stress.

With our customer focused approach at Hallam we learn about your business and craft our content so that your company voice, brand and message shines through and reaches your prospective clients no matter what channel they are active on.

Our constantly evolving knowledge of the social media landscape means that our team is able to create content that offers the best possible chance of being interacted with by your key audiences.

We know the types of content that work and how to create it

Content is a word that is bandied around in the digital marketing world. But what do we really mean when we talk about it?

Well when it comes to social media the best types of content are infographics, interactive content like quizzes, images and list posts.

Research has shown that these types of post give the best interaction with users and are more likely to be shared – spreading your message far further than your immediate social media following.

Making sure content fits in with your brand

Social media is an extension of your website and as such the branding, message and tone should flow through all your work.

The team at Hallam knows how important this is and, with the customer focused approach that we take, your content will tailored to your business and your customers and fits in with your overall digital marketing strategy.

A team  built to bring you success

Hallam’s team has been specifically crafted to give our clients the best possible mix of skills and specialisms.

Our elite social media specialists work alongside our in-house graphic designer and PR team to give your company the very best content that can be created.