Find out how to save time and money on social media

Social media monitoring can help businesses decide what content is worth producing and for which channels. That saves you time and money.

In our experience businesses want:

  • Know what is being spoken about online in their sector
  • Want to produce content that is going to be engaged with by their audience
  • To increase leads and sales as a result of that content

Hallam’s team of social media specialists can help you by using a suite of powerful online tools that can find what is being talked about in your sector, as well as more widely, and then tailor the content that is produced.

That means your time and money isn’t wasted on creating content that won’t be of interest and you can focus on getting the best return on investment from your social media activity.

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Our experts share their thoughts

Our team uses a variety of different social media monitoring software systems to help track what is being said across your sectors, meaning you are always up with the current trends.

In a nutshell social media monitoring is the process of listening to the online chatter across different channels, from social media to traditional media and other websites. 

How do the tools work?

There a range of tools that can be used to track the chatter across the web for your particular sector, as well as more general news that may have an impact on your content. However, most do much the same job – they crawl sites, at different frequencies dependant on their use and size, then when certain keywords are typed in that content that mentions those words is brought up.

This allows the team at Hallam to be able to see what your competitors are writing about, what your customers are enjoying and any overall trends that can be picked out.

Why does this matter to me?


You wouldn’t release a new product with absolutely knowledge of what was already available to your potential customers – or doing any market surveys before to find out if there was a market for your product.

The same is for social media. You have to know what the state of play is before you start creating anything. Otherwise you are potentially wasting time and money on work that may not be wanted.

How can social media monitoring help me?

Above saving you time and money being relevant and helpful to your current and potential customers is going to put you in a much more favourable light. People’s social media channels are already clogged with meaningless chatter without you adding to it.

But by adding something to their lives you can vastly increase the chances of you hitting your KPIs for social and hit your goals.