Social media listening

With help from an effective monitoring system, we’ll help you cut through the noise online.


Making use of full customer and competitor insights

Our approach is based on three key foundations:

Customer insights

We get to understand your customers in great detail, so we know exactly what they want and expect from your business.

Visibility of brand landscape

We use innovative monitoring tools to give us full visibility of your brand online.

Bespoke reports

Once we’ve collated it, we can export all this data to include within custom reports, so you’ll have full visibility too.

We’ll keep a finger on the pulse of your social media presence

Understanding your online brand landscape is important. You need to know where and how you’re being talked about, and also what kind of content your customers are wanting from your market.

We’ll listen to all the online chatter about your business, across the many different social media platforms, as well as everything else that’s being talked about in your particular sector.

The best in social listening tools

Our listening tools allow us to track what’s being talked about in your particular sector, as well as general news that may affect your content. They crawl sites and alert us when certain keywords are used.

From sentiment analysis and scoring to location analysis, our insights centre lets us see and understand it all with daily alerts. We can also conduct a thorough competitor analysis, so we can understand what’s working (or not) for them.

As well as saving huge amounts of time and money, being relevant and helpful to your current and potential customers is going to put you in a much more favourable light. People’s social media channels are already clogged with meaningless chatter without you adding to it – so we’ll help make sure you don’t!

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