Just how important is the social media revolution? I found this 2 minute video to be inspiring and informative.

Sit back and watch, you will learn something, I promise:

This is the updated version, with refreshed statistics. Love the story,  but I really hate the music!

And if, like me, you want  also want to read the statistics, then here is a summary for you:

Social media technology is not about technology.

Social media is about relationships/l’amour/Fortune 500/@guykawasaki/tragedy/revolution/[Korean word]/customers/memories/Geschäft/B2B/[Arabic word]/commerce/Revolution of Dance/government/Red Cross/familia/Manchester United/Amy’s Ice Cream/people.

Social media is about people.

Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old.

To them, Dracula is a cereal character and vampires live in high schools.

In 10 years over 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be here.

Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the web.

Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US.

It even impacts our offline behavior.

1 of 5 couples meet online.

3 of 5 gay couples meet online.

1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas/Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/YouTube, etc.

An education study revealed that online students out performed those receiving face-to-face instruction.

Kingergardens are learning on iPads, NOT chalkboards.

If Facebook were a country, it’d be the world’s third largest.

Yet Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are NOT welcome in China.

95% of companies using social media for recruitment use LinkedIn.

A new member joins LinkedIn every second.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.” -Erik Qualman

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Sweden, Israel, Greece, Chile, North Korea, Australia.

50% of the mobile Internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook. Imagine what this means for bad customer experiences.

Over 37 million people watched the VW Darth Vader Super Bowl Ad on YouTube.
The child actor had never seen Star Wars.

The Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad.

Generation Y and Z consider email passé.

Some universities have stopped distributing email accounts.

69% of parents are “friends” with their children on social media.

eReaders have surpassed traditional book sales.

Groupon will reach $1 billion in sales faster than any company in history.

1.5 million real farmers…80 million Farmville farmers.

Social gamers will buy $6 billion in virtual goods by 2013.

Movie goers buy only $2.5 billion in real goods.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

Every minute 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

If Wikipedia were made into a book, it would be 2.25 MILLION pages long and would take you over 123 years to read.

Word of Mouth is on Digital Steroids: World of Mouth.

34% of bloggers opinions about products and brands.

Do you like what they are saying about your brand? You better.

Socialnomics is here to stay.

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

Only 14% trust advertisements.

93% of marketers use social media for business.

The ROI of social media is your business will still exist in 5 years.

Babies in Egypt have been named Facebook.

Now that’s revolutionary…

Welcome to the social media revolution.

Source data listed here:

2 responses to “Social Media Revolution: 2 must-watch videos”

  1. This is THE post of the year
    Best blog I have read for longer probably. Startlingly presented array of facts about business like “In 10 years over 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be here” Sometimes wonder if any of us will be around to see it. Great use of videos – stopped me in my tracks and will certainly shape the way I look at the business world in 2012 Thanks Susan!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this, Susan. I used an older version of it with a group I was training a couple of years ago, and I had to give them all the sources of the statistics to get them to believe it! (Have a look at the statistics on Erik Qualman’s website Socialnomics). I think they would probably believe it now, though. Oh, and I lke the music – it adds to the drama!

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