There are unscrupulous search engine optimisation companies out there, and you must recognise their behaviour, and avoid them.

One tactic that is still going strong is selling a link building service that comprises sending out bulk spam link requests. It’s bad practice, but lots of small businesses are still falling for the con.

Here’s an example of what one looks like:

Why are spamming link building services like this likely to do more harm then good?

  • they are using software that scans through the web, scraping up random email addresses to generate link requests. Fundamentally you are paying the SEO to generate email spam that harm’s your company’s good reputation
  • you are actually paying them your hard earned cash to get utterly irrelevant websites to link to your site
  • they are probably getting links from sites that are never going to generate a single click or enquiry to your site
  • they are getting links on “Links” pages that have dozens or even hundreds of other random company links
  • and you are certainly going to do more good linking to them then you are ever going to get in the link back

And my personal view of the particular company selling this service?

The SEO company sending the spam mail has a website Google Page rank of big fat zero.

They are hiding behind a post office box address and an 0845 number.

The SEO company has been reported as a spammer by Scamdex an email scam, fraud and phishing resource

And other people are complaining about the SEO company’s idiotic link building activities

So, if you are considering using one of these services be sure to check the SEO company’s reputation, and the kind of practices they use.

And don’t ever reply to any of these link reciprocating requests!



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