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Our digital strategy services

Our digital strategies outline the path from where you are now to where you want to be. And, by addressing the entire customer journey, we’ll help you build future brand equity and deliver immediate business outcomes.

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Strategy is the fuel for growth

A strategy is a coherent set of analyses, choices and actions that come together as a unified response to the important challenges you face in your business.

End-to-end strategic process

In today’s digital world we’re armed with an expanding list of tactics to reach our customers. But the truth is that each tactical channel (e.g. paid search, social media) will do some things well and others not so well.

To deliver effective marketing communications it’s important to understand that you should put down the tools and begin with strategy.

Before making any decisions on the right tools for every campaign, we will dig deeper into your objectives, market, customers and brand position to map the optimal blend of tactics to best achieve your goals.

Market oriented

Market orientation means putting your customers at the heart of everything you do – linking business objectives, product development, data and analytics and marketing activity to your customers’ needs.

Research has shown that companies adopting market orientation enjoy higher profitability, superior sales growth, stronger customer retention rates and greater new product successes.

Our emphasis on customer research and front-line employee research will bring customer insights to the decision-makers to ensure your activity is relevant and truly adds value.

Marketing designed for today and tomorrow

When someone encounters a situation where they need a product or a service, they turn to their memories first to check for an existing solution. When they come up empty, they turn to the search engines or to their friends, family or colleagues.

Marketing can build long-term associations between the buying trigger and your brand so that you’re top of mind – or at least considered – when the time comes to make a purchase. Even if that’s weeks, months or years down the line. And, for those people who do go online, your marketing activity should ensure your brand is noticed and selected above the competition.

Our full-funnel digital strategies help you capture demand today and build demand for tomorrow.

Our approach to digital strategy

Strategy shouldn’t be a theoretical document gathering dust in a drawer. It should be about practical actions you can take. But we can’t simply start with action, because tactics without a proper strategy is just expensive chaos. By taking the time to understand the lay of the land, we decide what to do and what not to do (which matters just as much).

It’s about translating business objectives into effective marketing plans. It’s about pursuing real-life goals that actually affect the bottom line. By planning the future using evidence and research, we make marketing more effective and purposeful.

It’s about getting better results, faster.

Marketing fundamentals

While technology may change how we reach customers, there are fundamental things about marketing and human psychology that don’t change. We stay up to date with the latest in marketing science and behavioural economics to give our strategies the biggest impact.


We’ll speak to you, your customers and your employees and analyse the marketing competitive landscape. This will give you a much deeper understanding of your business, the market, the perception of your brand and, most importantly, opportunities for growth.


We’ll present a summary of our research findings, providing a detailed picture of the market and your customers. We’ll create recommendations on the blend of marketing technology and tactics that should be used to achieve your goals.


We distil our recommendations down into an actionable plan with supporting materials and data. We provide channel specific tactics, plus a detailed media plan outlining recommended networks, budgets and estimated returns.

We’re more than a strategy agency.

We have the capability to execute all the key services you need to turn strategy into action, and stay ahead of competitors.

Recognised industry expertise

Our experts regularly contribute to the most important conversations happening in marketing today — we’re helping to lead the conversation in marketing. You’ll find our voice featured in articles on The Drum, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Econsultancy, State of Digital and many more places.

We also speak at conferences and events such as Google Live, SMX, SEO Brighton, Nottingham Digital Summit and various Google events.

You’re in safe hands.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a digital strategy?

Starting with a digital strategy gives more structure and coherence to your marketing activity. It can help you answer key questions, like what are you trying to achieve? Who are you targeting? What do you offer them that is different from your competitors? What’s the most effective way to reach them? And how will we measure success?

A strong digital strategy helps pull everything together around a common goal and ensures the customer experience of your brand is consistent and meaningful.

What do you mean by market research?

Market research helps us see the landscape we’re operating in clearly, so that the choices we make can have the most impact. This can include qualitative research – like interviews, focus groups and digital diaries – or quantitative – like surveys. We can do primary research around a specific set of questions relevant to you, or we can pull from secondary research around customers, your industry, competitors and social trends. We start with the end in mind and work backwards to create the right research programme that will meet your needs.

Can you deliver strategy as a standalone project?

The short answer is yes. We typically focus on strategy as the first step for all our clients, whether that’s part of our retained agreement or as a standalone project. The strategy we produce can be delivered by us, your team or another agency. Whatever works best for you.

How long does it take to put together an effective strategy?

Depending on the scale and complexity of your business challenges, this can vary between two and six months, but on average we deliver strategy projects within a 60-day period. We’ll need access to your senior team and knowledge of your business objectives, marketing plans and perceived challenges to make our strategies more effective.

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