eCommerce health check

Practical recommendations to improve user experience, SEO and analytics.

Our approach

What does this involve?

Experts from our SEO, user experience and technical teams will carry out in-depth audits, focusing on three key areas:


CRO review

This includes heuristic and expert reviews of each site’s user experience, with a strong focus on conversion rate optimisation (CRO).


Technical audit

This focuses on the speed, performance, technical SEO and website architecture of your site.

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Analytics audit

This involves checking the technical implementation of tracking and performance monitoring.

Deep diving,
actionable insights

An eCommerce health check is about more than just making sure your site ticks the right boxes. It’s about finding ways to make it work harder, to increase revenue, to push profitability.

By carrying out an in-depth assessment of your eCommerce website and its performance, our team will be able to provide you with the insights and recommendations needed to help you achieve better results.

We’ll delve into your site, using our skills and experience to uncover key information and processes that will boost its performance. And it all takes place across our three audits.

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CRO review

This analysis will result in a DiPS (Diagnosis, Problem, Solution) report, which includes:

  • An end-to-end customer journey review that focuses on those pages that get the most traffic
  • A diagnosis of those areas where improvements can be made to increase conversions
  • Pinpointing any opportunities for future growth
  • A detailed roadmap of priorities for continuous improvement (including experience optimisation and recommendations for A/B tests)

This crucial part of your site’s health check audits user experience (UX).

During this review, our UX team will undertake a detailed and expert analysis of your site, paying particular attention to the customer buying journey.

That means they’ll investigate the site’s information architecture and focus on the core conversion pages, including product categories, product pages, baskets and delivery pages – in fact, any pages where you want your customers to make a purchase (convert).

Technical audit

This audit will assess the performance of your site’s technical foundations, focusing on:

  • Crawlability and coverage errors
  • Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Navigational experience and site structure
  • Accessibility
  • Internal links
  • Technical and ecommerce SEO
  • On-page optimisation & content

This audit will allow our team to understand where your site is technically sound – and where it needs improvement.

We can then create an action plan that prioritises the high-impact critical issues that mean your site isn’t performing as well as it should be.

Analytics audit

Our team will break this audit into two key areas:

  • Analytics and tracking implementation – Is everything set up correctly? Is everything tracking properly? Are there any bugs or oversights that need addressing?
  • Analytics performance audit – What’s the data telling us? Are there any big issues we need to be aware of? Do we need to direct the UX team onto any problem areas?

This robust audit will assess your tracking and analytics set up to make sure there’s a solid foundation to build on.

After all, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck into a project and then realising that the tracking isn’t quite right – something that could have a significant impact on your site.

eCommerce health checks: the benefits

Not only will this in-depth assessment give you an insight into any performance-related issues, it’ll also give you a roadmap filled with a whole host of actionable recommendations that will get your site working harder, growing traffic and increasing sales.

An in-depth assessment

Find out what the issue is and then know what performance-related issues need tackling.

A roadmap

All this means better performance and increased ROI – and that’s the bottom line, right?

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