X-Ray strategic audit

A comprehensive, expert-led audit of your key digital channels, clarifying what’s currently holding your brand back and laying the foundations for future success.

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Understand how your brand is performing right now

What if you knew into which areas of digital you should be investing your precious resources, either because they’re underperforming or present the biggest opportunity to drive leads and revenue?

Sometimes, decisions like these are based on gut feeling, or doing what you’ve always done. But surely it’s better to base these decisions on insights, audits and an expert executive summary? This is what an X-Ray audit can offer.

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Xray audits

Find out what to tackle first to get ahead

A Hallam X-Ray audit brings together specialists in SEO, brand, UX, technical, content, social and paid media to thoroughly uncover all the issues holding back your brand’s online performance. These issues are then prioritised into actionable recommendations and tasks, to be completed either in-house by you or in partnership with us, allowing you to make the biggest impact on performance and revenue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Combine insights with wider digital strategy

The X-Ray audit sits alongside our other digital strategy projects and retainers, enabling us to dive deeper into your brand, audience and market. An X-ray audit complements wider marketing research by focusing on your current digital activity and highlighting areas for improvements, which can then be developed into a long-term plan for growth in line with your business objectives.

It’s all about the alignment of your business objectives with actionable, marketing plans and tactics.

Know where you are now to plan for the future

Effective digital marketing strategies are integrated

Each channel plays to its strength but is connected to others to create a consistent brand experience for customers. But, before you start investing in building your brand and amplifying across digital channels, you need to ensure it’s built on solid foundations.

Another pair of eyes

No one understands your brand, your business and your website better than you. However, everyone can benefit from seeing these things through a a fresh pair of eyes – whether that’s reviewing your paid search campaigns set up, auditing your blog content or ensuring your presence on social media aligns with your brand strategy. And this is where the X-Ray Audit comes in. It enables you to understand which of your channels are currently underperforming and which are performing well. It will uncover both short and long-term opportunities to develop a robust marketing strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s covered in an X-Ray audit?

Although our X-Ray audits are tailored to your specific needs, they typically cover SEO, Paid social, Paid search, Organic social, UX, analytics and brand. We can focus on fewer or more channels or networks, depending on your current setup, eg on which paid networks your ads are running.

What are the key benefits of an X-Ray audit?

An X-Ray audit will give you a comprehensive list of all the issues and areas for improvements across your key digital channels, highlighting what could be holding you back and impacting your success. You’ll also have clear, actionable recommendations on what you need to do about it.

What are the next steps following an X-Ray audit?

There are a number of options open to you following and X-Ray audit:

We could carry out an implementation project for some or all of the issues uncovered by the audits

You may be able to use your own in-house resources to take on some of the suggested tasks and activities

We could discuss a longer term ongoing partnership with you in the context of your wider digital strategy.