Can an online business succeed without the assistance of the search engines?

What about if you deliberately exclude your site from the Google search engine results?

Jennifer Laycock is conducting an experiment whereby she is deliberately excluding her brand new web site from the search engine results. She wants to demonstrate it’s possible to grow a business, increase traffic and succeed online, all without the help of the search engines.

You go for it, girl!

Dependence on traffic from Google appears to be a fact of life for small businesses: nearly 80% of all searches in the UK taking place on Google. And at my workshops I’m always hearing small businesses moan that ranking well in Google is a Catch 22: “my business is new and small, so can’t rank well in Google, but if it doesn’t rank well, then it stays small or goes bust.”

So how can you succeed online if you can’t rank well in Google, or can’t afford (or won’t pay) the Pay Per Click Prices?

Jennifer has concocted her robots.txt file to tell the major search engine spiders to go away, and instead will be depending on the lesser search engines, link building, blogging, social networking, and other online marketing techniques.

And her underlying assumption is that by building good links and content, she will have a successful business model, and will rank well in the search engines anyway, eventually.

Follow Jennifer’s progress with her new online e-commerce venture Bento Yum on the Search Engine Guide website.

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  1. says:

    Hi Susan

    I agree it’s an interesting idea, but Jennifer seems to have failed! I get cashed versions of the site in Google’s search results, and a Google page rank of 4. Something fishy going on I reckon, if the site really does exclude the Google robot!



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