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This summer Team Hallam is lucky enough to welcome an exceptional summer intern, Nikki McCraig.

Nikki is a final year student at the University of Nottingham where she has gained digital marketing experience working as a freelance journalist, editing her own blog, and managing the social profile of her university society.

Nikki McCaig Summer Intern

She will be working on a range of digital projects, and will be gaining from training and coaching from colleagues here at Hallam.

Initially, she will be working alongside Susan Hallam on a digital marketing project for The Nottingham Castle Trust, an independent, non-profit organisation, whose goals are education, conservation, and the improvement of Nottingham Castle and its surroundings.  Over the next five years, Nottingham Castle will be transformed into a world-class heritage destination. A total of £24 million is being invested to redevelop the whole site, including the Ducal Palace and Grounds, Brewhouse Yard and the sprawling cave network hidden within the Castle Rock.

We are incredibly grateful to have Nikki as part our team, and we want to teach her as much as we can over the summer before she resumes her studies, and makes her way forward into a career in digital marketing

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