How businesses can use social media for “targeted social good”

Posted on 27/04/2020 by Team Hallam

What is targeted social good? How your business should use social media during COVID-19

We’re living in tough times…

Businesses are needing to adapt digital marketing techniques more than ever before, to make sure they stay relevant in the current market.

For any of you who follow me on social media, you’ve probably heard me talk about targeted social good, but what is it, and more importantly how can you use it to get a jump on your competitors.

We’ve all heard of the phrase social good, but not necessarily in the realms of social media marketing. That led me to coin the phrase targeted social good. In short, targeted social good is the act of providing your target audience with valuable, educational, and/or fun content through the use of social media.

I am going to write about it in some detail here, but I also tell the story in this brief video on targeted social good:

So let’s break this down…

Targeted social good is a phrase used to describe the type of content you push through your social media channels. It’s targeted because of the emphasis placed on providing the right content for your target audience. In these tricky times, we’re seeing a lot of businesses use their content to aid the user in a good way, and rely less on pushy sales techniques.

Who are these good businesses you’re talking about?

You’ve probably engaged with them without even realising what they’re doing, but you got that kind of tingly feeling, you’ve learnt a lot for free, or you’ve come away with the need to tell someone what you’ve seen.

Netflix recently launched a spoiler campaign to keep people at home around London, UK. By placing traditional adverts in key areas of London with spoilers to some of their most-watched shows. Okay, this isn’t entirely social media marketing, however the campaign blew up online, being seen by more people on the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube than many who will have actually walked past the advert!


The Virtual Grand National was potentially the first-ever virtual horse race to take the nation by storm. By allowing people to place bets online for a great charitable cause, the Grand National created waves on social media through the use of the hashtag #virtualgrandnational with USG coming in the way of throwback photos, people getting all dressed up to watch the race from the comfort of their own sofa, and users sharing experiences with their families during the day.


Guinness is no newbie to great advertising, however, did you know picture below wasn’t created by Guinness? They were still pleased to share it on social media though…

guiness social good

Six Stories Bridal also used social media to share the love with their target audience. With the following message:

“ANY bride who has had their wedding cancelled or postponed can order a FREE Bridey or Infinity tee of their choice.”


4 key tips on how you can use Social Media over the next few weeks


  1. Utilise social media to communicate honestly and transparently with your customers – at this moment we’re noticing that honest communication is key, as consumers are more willing to stick with brands they trust.
  2. Think about how you can use social media as a way to announce any key information or press releases – there has been a huge increase in activity on Facebook live, as viewers are logging in to watch updates and be entertained.
  3. Groups and a sense of community are needed at this time – working from home is tough, social distancing is tough, use this time to increase your community on social media, being there and offering advice to your customers when they need someone to talk to most.
  4. This is a great opportunity for social good such as discounts, giveaways, support and help for those who need it most. Brands such as Adobe have been giving away their tools for free to enable people to work from home, and it’s a great chance to show the socially-conscious side of your brand for the greater good.

So even though we all may be feeling isolated, the next few weeks gives our businesses an opportunity to be even more social, more community-led, and offer a spark of happiness during this period of darkness. It’s not a time to be cynical and try and make money, but it’s a great chance to humanise your brand. Trust us… your customers will love you for it.

What are you doing in the way of targeted social good? Want to run some ideas by a social media specialist… Give us a shout!

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How businesses can use social media for “targeted social good”

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