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This is another blog post in our series of Team Hallam Top Tips.

Blogging has been around for such a long time now that sometimes it is easy to forget about how important it can be for your business – big or small. As the world continues to go Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn crazy let us take a step back and remind ourselves about the importance of our blogs and how we can improve them.

Background Reading

Better Business Blogging in 2011 from HubSpot

A quick guide to blogging for business by Kevin Gibbons over at econsultancy.

Top 10 business blogs and why they are successful and the bloggers guide to search engine optimisation are two great posts recently featured on Social Media Examiner – where you can always find great blogging articles and posts.


If you have ever spent any time blogging (or even if you just read a few blogs) there are a couple of blogging blogs that you will probably have come across. For the uninitiated some of the best are Problogger and Copyblogger – if you have limited time check these out first.

If you have more time to kill you may want to check out some of the ones that sneak beneath the radar a little…

Daily Blog Tips – does exactly what it says on the tin. Pop round here for some actionable advice on better blogging.

The Blog Herald – not only do these guys come up with goods on better blogging but consistently write great stories and articles around the more technical side of blogging. It’s clean style and unfussy nature mean it is a great place to drop by every once in a while.

Worthy mentions should also go to Kikolani, Blogessive and probably dozens of others


Zemanta – we have blogged about Zemanta before and I urge busy people to give it a go – it will save you loads of time.

Blog search engines are a necessity – have a look at these: Technorati, Google Blog Search and Ice Rocket

PostRank and PostRank Analytics are a great way to work out which kind of posts attract the most attention on your blog and how you readers interact with them – allowing you to spend time writing the ones that work best for you. It is worth noting that Google has recently ‘acquired’ these guys and it appears that the sign up process has changed a little. We have been using them for a while so still have the same access – if you are signing up let us know how it goes.

Team Hallams Best Blog Posts

Desire Lines and Blogging

Making Blogging Easier with Zemanta

and going way back in time…Search Engines Love Blogs



3 responses to “Team Hallam Top Tips: Blogging”

  1. Great tips, Wayne! I think you should add this blog to the list of helpful sites for bloggers. I just subscribed! I knew about Daily Blog Tips, but didn’t know about the other suggestions. Thanks so much for this helpful post!

    • Wayne Barker says:

      Hey there Carolyn
      Thanks for your kind words, we always like point people in the right direction! Please drop by again!

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