Alexander has over 5 years of experience in the digital sector as a developer. He joined Team Hallam in 2017 and is a Systems Engineer. His responsibilities include upgrading and maintaining our systems, providing client and internal team support, delivering new projects to clients and ensuring the quality of our releases.

A graduate of University of Derby, Alexander holds a degree in Computer Science and he has been writing code since his early teen years. Alexander first got interested in development in order to create mods for his favourite video games, which evolved into writing scripts for Windows OS.

In his professional life, Alexander has been a part of the delivery team for hundreds of successful projects. A promoter of innovation, he is progressively automating operations within Hallam’s internal systems. Being a natural problem solver and quite keen on design patterns and development methodologies, he is an aspiring Software Engineer.

With an expanding list of interests, Alexander enjoys everything digital with a focus on cyber security and AI. When not in front of his computer, you can find him painting miniatures, reading, or hiking in search of the perfect peaceful sunset.

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