Glynn is one of the backend PHP developers at Hallam having started in November 2018. Before Glynn was a freelance developer working with a wide range of clients both large and small, all over the world. While he has been doing web development since around 1999, Glynn has spent much of working life within the specialist tobacco industry.

Until 2 years ago Glynn was one of the only independent pipe tobacco blenders in the UK, creating custom pipe tobaccos for customers all over the world. As side being a blender Glynn was a pipe repairman, pipe/tobacco importer/wholesaler and retailer. Working closely with pipe makers (both large and small) to produce unique ranges and expose new makers to a global audience.

Aside from writing code in his spare time using, Glynn has a love for tinkering with things. From restoring old computers, creating electronics projects and generally having fun taking everything apart. Above all Glynn tries to spend as much time with his son, encouraging him to take things apart and understand how they work.

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