Kieran has over 5 years’ experience in Social Media Marketing. He holds a BA Marketing Degree and
has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of marketing to a broad range of clients.
Kieran believes that understanding your customers needs, expectations and requirements is
essential to a successful PR and marketing strategy. Utilising a thorough understanding of digital and
campaign strategy is key to planning and the execution of a mix of integrated marketing methods
allows for preferable results targeted at key demographics.
Autonomy over FMGC brands has led him to achieving increases of up to 35% in UK Sales during a
12-month period.
Kieran won the Marketing and Promotions Award at the Somerset Business Awards 2017, for the
creation, implementation and management of an integrated brand campaign that consisted of
festival sponsorship, social media engagement, digital advertising, radio competitions, live events
and special guest appearances.
Being able to spot current trends, he championed the successful launch of the award winning
‘World’s First Cheese Advent Calendar’ which launched in 2016.

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Tis the season to be jolly... And get your Christmas Social Media Campaign ready for the holiday season.

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