Leo is a Paid Media Team Leader here at Hallam – he develops and implements first in class digital marketing campaigns across various media platforms, as well as guiding and supporting a “squad” of Paid Media specialists.

As a self proclaimed PPC addict, he has quickly risen through the ranks (joining us in October 2017) due to his remarkable output. His approach to Paid Media Marketing is highly analytical and data-driven, he naturally translates data and quickly perceives the cost-benefit of his work. This grants him the ability to make considerable impact to all clients that he works with.

Leo graduated with a BSc Degree in Nuclear Physics from Nottingham Trent University and often lends his particular set of skills to Hallam’s insights department. This allows him to aid in the management and development of Hallam’s client reporting processes and automated PPC tools.

Leo is also Hallam’s primary blog contributor for the Paid Media department, where he is tasked with producing thematic blog posts aimed to attract, entertain and educate various target personas. He has also written for other leading advertising agencies such as Wordstream and regularly shares content through his social media accounts.

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