Oliver began making websites in the late 90s. Originally more design-oriented, he quickly became interested in coding via emerging technologies such as (then Macromedia) Flash and Director.

While working as a web designer and photographer, he gained a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Sussex in 2008 and an MSc. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from The University of Edinburgh in 2009.

He has lived in Australia, Japan, India, Canada and Germany, in various industries including graphic design, photography, web development and AI research.

Oliver currently works as a web application developer utilising WordPress, Javascript and other tools to craft cutting edge online experiences.

Against his better judgement, Oliver is the 2016 East Midlands Chilli Festival Chilli-eating Competition Winner and when not coding, Oliver mostly plays jazz and flamenco guitar (badly) and spends time with his cat, Florence.

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