Oliver began making websites in the late 90s. Originally more design-oriented, he quickly became interested in coding via emerging technologies such as (then Macromedia) Flash. He went on to study Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Sussex and Edinburgh, followed by research work in academia.

Oliver currently works as a web application developer utilising WordPress, Javascript and other tools to achieve cutting edge online experiences.

When not coding, Oliver likes to play the guitar and spend time with his cat, Florence.

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In this blog, I'm going to go through the basic steps to set up a working Alexa Skill, complete with custom variables (aka "slots") and responses.

In this blog I'll be explaining what Alexa is, and the importance of voice-recognition technology, before giving a brief overview of creating Alexa Skills on AWS.

It is common practice to use local and remote environments when developing for web. In the case of single WordPress sites this works fine. However, Multisite WordPress installations complicate matters...

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