How Hallam is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pammy is an Experience Designer in our Creative team at Hallam. She crafts unique content using varying mediums such as design, photography and motion graphics. Inspired by the creative and the technical split Hallam offers, Pammy loves being surrounded by experts and widening her knowledge in these disciplines. She also works closely with our clients, delivering training workshops to ensure they get the most out of their content management systems.

You’ll find Pammy working with every delivery team at Hallam. Since being in tech environments has always been her forte, she’s driven by the ever-changing digital landscape, which constantly inspires her to innovate.

Pammy loves learning, and in her free time explores the world of 3D visualisation. On her travels, she likes to express her creativity through her collection of analogue cameras. Developing her own film is next on her list of things to learn!

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