tesco virtual supermarketTesco has launched its first virtual supermarket at Gatwick airport. If you don’t feel inclined to travel to Gatwick to see what it looks like, then you can watch the virtual shopping experience in this video.

Nothing worse than coming home to an empty fridge, so Tesco are offering shoppers the opportunity to have your food ready and waiting for you after your holiday.

The average passenger spends 70 minutes at Gatwick before takeoff, and Tesco reckon that wasted time could be better spent shopping on the go.

The interactive virtual supermarket offers two choices:  either use a kiosk to choose from a  selection of 70 most popular products, or access the full database of 20,000 items.  In the airport Tesco are promoting shopping access via a touchscreen kiosk. Scan the item using your mobile phone, having downloaded a barcode scanning application.

The issue of barcode readers on phones still seems like a barrier to me.  Seems like a hassle to first download an app and then use the barcode reader, when I could just use my normal Internet connection on my iPhone ….

Last year Tesco launched the first virtual shop in a South Korea subways and bus stops, allowing commuters to shop on the way to work.

Do you think this is just marketing fluff, or a serious ecommerce service?

One response to “Tesco Virtual Supermarket: Gatwick Airport”

  1. Jon Whiten says:

    And this is where it fails : “Pick a delivery slot”. When I get home after a trip I want the stuff to be there waiting – not for me to be waiting for a delivery. WHat if I’m delayed – or early?

    It is still easier to pop into a small store on the way home whether its the local Tesco, Sainsury local, Waitrose or M&S on the motorway or whatever – I’ll have what I want exactly when I need it.

    Big #fail for me 🙁

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