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The Future of Digital Marketing eBook (2021 edition)

This eBook will give you an insight into what the experts believe the future of digital marketing will look like.

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Things that were groundbreaking just a couple of years ago are now old news.
To make the most of the digital-first economy of the future, digital marketing will evolve beyond single services working in isolation towards tightly unified services working in harmony — and always focused on business outcomes, not just marketing metrics.
What’s happening now is the clearest and most vitally urgent warning sign for businesses of any size — act now, and act fast, because the world we knew in January 2020 isn’t coming back.
The future won’t wait.

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What’s included:

Marketing in a private world

Big changes are coming in 2021 and the new privacy laws are going to shake up the marketing sphere. What does this mean for you? Can DuckDuckGo really challenge Google? Arianne Donoghue gives her thoughts.

UX is coming, but what does that mean for business?

You have heard the term – User Experience – a lot, but now it’s time to seriously start thinking about it. Joe Powell, our creative director, explains why it’s rapidly becoming one of the most important deliverables in digital marketing.

The future digital marketing trends that businesses need to be aware of

Digital marketing is changing all the time… even from when we last gave our predictions a year ago! What’s coming next and what do you need to pay attention to? Over to Ben Wood, our strategy director, for the latest.

The web development changes that will make your business far more competitive

Are we at the end of the road for the ‘rockstar’ developer? Definitely, according to our Technical Director, Jon Martin. The future is instead multi-functional teams and flexibility, but which tool is going to be the future of web development for the next decade? Jon has the answers.

The integrated future of Search

Gone are the days of silo functions. The future is integration. Our media director, Charlotte Tomlinson, analyses how SEO and PPC teams will join forces to create Search and also how automation is going to change the face of Paid Media.

Creating content in an attention economy

You’ve probably heard the term ‘cutting through the noise’ a lot now when it comes to your content by now but don’t know how to achieve it? Our Head of Marketing, Kieran S-Lawler, will provide you with all the answers.

The future of PR is numbers-driven

This is a pivotal moment for PR in its mission to finally prove its value when it comes to business ROI. Siobhan Congreve, our Head of Content Marketing, analyses the numbers behind this shift and why it’s more important than ever before to a digital marketing strategy. 

Download the Future of Digital Marketing eBook 2021 Edition

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