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I’m aware that my company website design is nearly three years old, and that the design is looking a little tired and is due for a website refresh.

Why not take a peek at the draft design of the new site. Your comments would be most welcome, keeping in mind this is a work in progress! The real site will not have my ugly face on the front, but it is a useful image to use at this stage!

The idea is to put a new “skin” on the site, retaining the existing file names in order to preserve all my search engine optimisation efforts.

I’ve worked closely with my graphic design partner to design something that looks corporate, and modern, and clearly conveys the key messages. I am also looking to include more Web 2.0 functionality, but I’ll let you know more about that later.

Further progress regarding the site development to follow-

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  1. betterlanguages.com says:

    Hi Susan

    I like the general look and feel of the new design, especially the orangy colour, which lifts the whole page.



  2. Pinelogger says:

    Hi Susan. Very much like the look of the new wesbite, particularly the all-american soft-focus picture of the MD! The new version is much clearer to use and gets your sales message over in a much clearer fashion.
    After taking lots of your advice, we have just relaunched our own new website yesterday (see Pinelog.co.uk). It is amzing how similar the styling approach to the look of the two websites is. Good luck with your new website. I will be nervously watching the stats for ours to see that we have done everything correctly! All the best, Ian

  3. Emma says:

    Hi Susan,

    I very much like the new design concept for your website. I think the new design has better separated each different area of content on the page and the company banner portrays a very professional yet friendly company image, exactly what I believe the company to be. I hope that everything goes well for you upon its launch.

    Kind Regards

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