Many businesses are now understanding the need for online video and how it can help your SEO and your onsite conversions. There are a number of video hosting sites out there (YouTube and Vimeo being the most popular) but you are often limited with what you can do with the videos once you have uploaded them. YouTube offers lots of exposure and well optimised video will perform well in the organic search results (Universal Search).Vimeo on the other hand allows you to create more robust, trustworthy looking videos but they don’t tend to turn up in the search results as often.

Hosting videos on either of these sites can be good for your SEO but sometimes you want a little bit more. While there is no out of the box solution for creating great videos that can be:

  • Hosted on YouTube
  • Are beautiful and branded to suit your site
  • Able to drive traffic back to your site if they are embedded on other peoples sites…

I have found a free service that  allows you to pimp out your YouTube videos and make them not only sexier but drive some traffic back to your site.

Introducing viewbix

It may sound like breakfast cereal but it allows you to create interactive videos that you can use on your site and give away to other sites (the plus being that the video you give away will have ways to drive traffic back to your site)

Here is a video that I have created from one of our YouTube videos of Susan giving a talk…

Click the Call to Action or one of the apps down the right hand side – cool right?

Here is how you can create one yourself:

  • Go to and create a free account
  • Choose the create a new interactive video option
  • Add all the relevant details of the video – remember you may want to give the video to other sites to use

Creating a great optimised video










  • Grab your YouTube or Facebook video and paste it into the relevant box

add your YouTube video or Facebook video

  • All the details that you are adding will start to appear

Viewbix - the text will appear on the video

  • Add a great Call to Action and make sure that the button links to a relevant page on your site

Adding a great call to action and link to viewbix video

  • You then need to choose from the 6 apps that you could feature on your video – for this video I feel the most important are Twitter, Maps and RSS. If you are using it for ecommerce you may want to use the QR Code or the Skype. If you are trying to promote your blog it would be wise to use the RSS and the List – it all depends on how you are going to use the video.

The video apps on the viewbix product

  • Make sure that you have added all the apps correctly and that you have branded it up with your company colours. Save the video and it will now appear in your account with any other videos you create. Within the account you get a link for sharing the video on social media – but more importantly you now get a new embed code so that you can pop it on your own blog – or any other site on the Internet.

It may not be the most extravagant tool in the world – but I am sure that you will be able to come up with creative ways to use this tool for driving traffic from your videos back to your site – rather than back to Vimeo or YouTube

In the mean time enjoy another video – and if you want to include either of the videos of Susan on your blog or site you will find the embed codes below. Simply copy and paste them into your site!

Optimising Videos – Copy and paste this code onto your site:

<iframe width=”398″ height=”292″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Optimising for Local SEO – Copy and paste this code onto your site:

<iframe width=”398″ height=”292″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Please note – if you have a free hosted site you cannot embed iframe widgets onto them directly – here is a workaround

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