Building successful digital PR campaigns will drive customers to your business online. One of the main challenges, for relatively new businesses, is creating a buzz around your organisation and building your reputation...

While traditional PR techniques will get your name out there and promote your business, with sometimes slower results, a successful digital PR strategy will build your reputation and drive traffic with quicker and measurable results. Plus, driving traffic to your business online will hopefully lead to more sales.

But while it’s important to reach out to editors and journalists and start creating that buzz, there are a few important steps you can take even before you pitch…

Great content…Simple!blogcontent

“It’s all about content, content is king” is a familiar phrase that is bandied around in all areas of digital marketing and it’s so true. The quality of your content is a reflection of your business, so make sure your content is great.

Even before you start outreaching to key publications, it’s always a good idea have a look at what sort of content they like. Many publications will have guidelines on word length, style, or even a list of topics they want content for. You have the advantage now and you can match their tone and write content they really want.

Next, it’s about ensuring the content you write stands out, so do your research. Are you writing something new? Do you have a new angle on an existing topic? If a publication is using your content, and linking back to your website, they want fresh and exciting content that their visitors will want to read.

Struggling for ideas? Use tools like Buzzsumo or subscribe to journalist enquiry services like Response Source, to get a grasp of what people are talking about and what hot topics are in demand right now.

Keeping an eye on competitors

Trust us, they’re looking at you! Before you start collating a list of publications you want to send content to, it’s always worth looking at what your competitors are doing too.blogimage2

Good competitor analysis looks at what content they’re producing, what publications they’re targeting and how that content is performing. Take a
quick look at how much their content is shared across social media. You can get a good indicator of how current the content is and how many people actually care about the topic by looking at shares and likes.

You can then have a better idea of which publications accept guest posts and ensure you don’t waste time by duplicating content.

Looking at competitors can help you find a content niche or angle. It also ensures you’re keeping up to date with current trends, however don’t be afraid to be a pioneer too and find a new angle on a topic.

Quality, relevant coverage

Yes, you want links but not just from anywhere!  Once you’ve got some great content, the temptation is to “mass outreach”. While this technique is useful when sending out press releases for example, looking for relevant publications is a better idea with bespoke content.

Look for reputable publications that are related to your industry and are read by your customers. Glance over their website: Does it have a good domain authority? Is it full of broken links or spam and pop up ads? You’ve worked hard to produce some great content, so ensure it goes to a good home.

And while we’re here…

*Get the name – before you outreach, collect direct email addresses for editors and journalists rather than generic emails for example info@…… or news@…….

*A welcome guest – Look for publications that want guest posts, it will save everyone time

*Help yourself – Keep an eye out for publications that allow you to self-submit

*Your opinion matters –You’re an expert in your field and publications always need expert-led content. Keep an eye out for journalist editorial requests!


It’s true, one of the main tasks you will conduct in digital PR is outreaching to key publications with content. However, if you begin with creating quality, interesting and relevant content and targeting good publications, you will ensure your digital PR campaign gets off to a great start!

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