Top Tips to Improve E-commerce Conversions

Posted on 01/12/2014 by Team Hallam

Even during the busiest shopping periods of the year (Black Friday and Cyber Monday to name few), some retailers still maintain that it’s sufficient to simply focus upon driving traffic to their website. However, it’s crucial that businesses with an E-commerce website to consider how well their website is generating conversions, because at the end of the day, a primary objective for this type of website is generating sales.

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As part of an effective E-commerce marketing strategy, making a few tweaks to your E-commerce website can help you generate more conversions from the traffic you are receiving. Here are 5 helpful tips to help your website on its way to generating more of those all important sales.

1. Product Reviews

In some cases, it may take a more than a few product images to convince a customer to make a purchase. Customers like to feel they can trust the product that they’re thinking about buying. Make it easier for them by allowing other customers to post reviews about your products. You can encourage your customers to leave reviews through requesting them at the end of the customer journey. For example, you can send a follow-up email to the customer after the product has been delivered. Amazon demonstrate a great example of how customer reviews can be implemented on a product page.

Amazon Star Reviews

2. Trust Signals

Like product reviews, using other trust signals on your website (especially on your product pages) can help close customer sales. For example, if you offer free delivery, or an easy product returns process, then make sure to show off these messages. This can lower the risk for customers purchasing products from your website, especially for first time buyers. Showing your recent awards and accreditations can also go a long way to help improve the level of trust in the customer. PC World, for example, prominently display such trust signals as their free delivery policy, and their reserve and collect service.

PC World Trust Signals

3. Recommended Products

Showing recommended products on product pages and in the checkout process of your website can help encourage cross selling of similar products. Customers who come to your website often know exactly what they are looking for. So through clearly showing products of a similar category, you can help drive more sales from a single customer. Clothing retailers such as River Island use trends to recommended other items that will complement the considered item.

River Island Cross Selling


4. Rich Content and Product Descriptions

It’s important to consider how you currently use rich content, such as images and videos, on your product pages. Providing a customer with various high quality images, or even a video, can help close sales. Having just one or two images doesn’t really provide the customer with an overall picture of the product they are looking to purchase. While using detailed product descriptions can not only provide support to the rich content, they’re also critical for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you want your products to appear in Google search results, you will need detailed product descriptions. In the example below, Halfords have made sure that plenty of high quality images are available for their range of bikes to help the customer decided if the product is right for them.

Halfords Product Images

5. Add to Cart Buttons

Finally, consider how clearly your product’s ‘Add to Cart’ buttons appear on the page. It might seem obvious, but some e-Commerce websites have these vital calls to action placed in difficult to see places on their product pages. Be sure to use large buttons with stand-out colours to help prevent them blending in with the rest of the content on the product page. For example, Homebase use a striking green for their ‘Add to Basket’ buttons.

Homebase Add to Basket



There are many elements on your E-commerce website that can be optimised to help drive conversions. However, looking at the more obvious areas, such as product images and those crucial trust signals, can be a good starting point to help boost sales generated from your website.

If you’re E-commerce website is struggling to generate conversions, call Hallam on 0115 948 0123 to find out how our team of digital marketing experts can help. Also feel free to leave comment below if you have any queries on the points raised above.

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Top Tips to Improve E-commerce Conversions

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