I provide lots of links to other websites .
How do I measure which of those links you click on?

Google Analytics makes it simple to measure the clicks to links within your own site. But Google Analytics also provides a way for you to track clicks on links that lead to to other websites, away from your website.

It is useful to see where people go when they leave your site; indeed there are websites making a good living by charging companies to send clicks their way. This is a free way to count those outbound clicks.

Take a look at this helpful article describing outbound link tracking using Google Analytics

In brief, all you need to do is add a bit of additional tracking code (highlighted in red) to your links

<a href=”″ onClick=”javascript:urchinTracker(‘/outgoing/tracking_article’);“>

The word onClick means just that: if somebody clicks on this link, Analytics starts counting.

Use of the /outgoing folder will put all the reporting of outbound links neatly together in a separate folder.

And I have used the phrase tracking_article which will appear in my Analytics reports so I know which exact Google page I was linking to (in case I forget what answer 74983 was!)

I’m going to experiment with Analytics Talks script to automate the creation of the outbound tracking URLs.

And of course for you WordPress readers, you simply need to install the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin to keep track of all those outbound links.

The outbound clicks will appear in my Top Content report.

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