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An often overlooked aspect of paid digital marketing is Bing ads. Bing boast a market share of just under 6%  and, whilst this may appear small, do you really want to leave 6% of your potential market untouched? Not only that but Bing is growing amongst search engines month on month, so the time spent now will only likely lead to a larger audience in the future. The two biggest reasons I can give you for using Bing ads are these:

  • Its cheap
  • Its easy

Now I know that isn’t particularly helpful but I’ll elaborate.

Firstly it is cheap, a lot cheaper than an equivalent click through Adwords. This is mainly due to the lower number of advertisers using Bing ads and the increased amount of demographic settings available.

It’s easy, how easy is debatable I guess, but if you currently have an Adwords account it couldn’t be easier. Bing allows you to directly import your Adwords information into Bing ads, what’s more is that you can choose whether to upload the whole account or just individual campaigns.

Another reason you should consider Bing ads is that it allows greater targeting options available. Through Bing ads you can set bid adjustments based on both age and gender these are both features that are not currently available through Adwords. By doing this it ensures that you can further target your chosen audience and drive greater quality traffic to your site.

This means that (for example) you can have specific campaigns for males that live in Nottingham between the age of 20-40 and looking for your product between 9am and 5pm on a Friday.

I understand this example is very specific (and probably slightly over the top) but it just demonstrates how much you can alter you ads based on the added segments.

So what are you waiting for, why not export your Adwords account into Bing ads and get started?

To do this you need to log in to Bing, you can either do this using an existing Microsoft account or create an existing one.


How to transfer an adwords account into bing



To get started select import from Google Adwords, then choose which Adwords Campaigns you want to import:


How to transfer an adwords account into bing 2

Click continue now it is important to choose your import settings and whether you want to edit anything before it is imported.


How to transfer an adwords account into bing 4



It is important at this stage to ensure that you check over the settings and make any amendments before you continue. By doing this it allows you more flexibility in uploading the account and means you can bulk edit any changes you want to ad. It is however possible to make these changes at a later date should you wish. Once you are happy with the changes click import and there you have it:


How to transfer an adwords account into bing 3


I told you it was easy and now you are ready to go with Bing ads. There is now the potential to increase your visibility to the 6% of users that use Bing whilst driving cheaper traffic to your site.

Even if you do not think it is worthwhile for your business right now. I strongly recommend testing a sample of campaigns on Bing ads and then comparing it to your Adwords results for the same period and, whilst you may not receive the same volume of traffic, the cost and quality of the traffic may surprise you.



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