Transparency is key: Our client disclosure report 2020

Posted on 27/05/2021 by Team Hallam

Here at Hallam, we make it clear what we believe in and we don't hide anything behind the scenes.

It can be all too easy to put on a facade of good values and write these on a wall thinking as a company, the boxes are ticked. However, we truly believe in our values and embody them fully, trying to continually improve as we move forward.

Taking responsibility for the environment, for example, is not just something we take lightly. We’re aiming to work with more industries in the future that will support this vision so that collectively, we will make a difference. To make sure you know we’re being honest, we’re publishing our client disclosure report for everyone to see.

We’ve always been open to our team members but we wanted to make sure that extends to all of our stakeholders – including you. The client disclosure report breaks down where our revenue comes from.

One world

Julie Reid, our Senior Strategist, says “Client disclosure reports came about after Extinction Rebellion called on advertising agencies to ‘declare a climate and ecological emergency and act accordingly’ in 2019. A number of creative and media agencies did just that. The disclosure reports were the first step in moving away from industries associated with fossil fuels and high carbon footprints.

We agree that our industry is uniquely placed to inspire positive action – not just for the planet but for society as a whole.

I think the first thing to acknowledge is that none of us is perfect – as individuals or businesses – we’re all on a journey.

We’re moving toward a place where our values and the decisions we make every day are aligned.

But we also believe that our agency has a role to play in creating a future that is sustainable and inclusive.”

“By taking a public stance and being transparent about where we are on this journey, we’re signalling our intent to improve each year.”

Julie Reid – Senior Strategist at Hallam

The report

Take a look at our Client Disclosure Report 2020 here, where you can find a breakdown of the following:

  • Overall income
  • Climate conflicts
  • Business revenue by sector
  • Controversial clients
  • Ten largest clients/briefs by income

This is in addition to our recent partnership with Ad Net Zero where we are working together to push the creative and advertising industry to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Our everyday choices towards a better future are what will create lasting and meaningful results. That includes everything we are doing as a business, from the daily habits to the clients we choose to work with.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Transparency is key: Our client disclosure report 2020

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