Twitter recently announced the largest overhaul to their site since its launch in 2006, in terms of appearance at least – the addition of “header” images. The Twitter header image is similar to the cover image on Facebook’s timeline layout. It’s different from your profile picture, which will still appear, and which appears next to your Tweets. That is an icon. The header image is a background image which now appears behind your profile picture and Twitter bio. However, you’ll still have your Twitter background image too.

The new header image will appear on your Twitter profile on desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android systems, and spans the width of the Tweets column.

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few weeks, you may have seen a preview of the new layout featuring Ryan Seacrest. The American TV presenter has been promoting this change to Twitter and was one of the first to update his page. Mr Seacrest’s Twitter now looks like this:

Ryan Seacrest Twitter

So, you can see it’s quite a big difference from the old layout:

BBC News Twitter

According to Twitter, the new header images will allow users to “express [themselves] instantly, anywhere” and “get to know people better through pictures”. It is also placing more focus on the photographs you Tweet, which now appear on the left of the page, and on mobile devices, they’ll appear below your most recent Tweets.

How to upload your header image

To upload your own header image, login to your Twitter account via, and click on the little cog in the top right. Then click “Edit Profile”

Twitter - edit profile


Click “Design” in the menu on the left, and scroll down towards the bottom of the page. You’ll see a section called “Customize your own”. Your header image is a dark grey by default. Click “Change header” to upload your new image. Make sure it’s around 1200 x 500 and no more than 5MB. You’ll see the change appear instantly, but make sure you click “save changes” to get it to stick!

What do you think of the new Twitter header images? A good idea, or too much like Facebook? Let us know in the comments!

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3 responses to “Twitter Adds Header Images to Profiles”

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks for that Helen…I’ve just changed my header image after following this:)

  2. ruthy thomas says:

    cool collection but you could have sites like where we can download the headers rather than designing 😉

  3. Helen Laird says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies! Liz your header pic is very cool! And Ruthy, I agree, it’s good to have sites like that on hand if you don’t want to/don’t have time to design your own.

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