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Following other initiatives such as Twitter moments, the company has recently announced that everyone can now create Twitter Polls.

This feature has made it easier for businesses to gather opinions from target audiences and engage with what customers think about certain topics.

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What Are Twitter Polls?

Twitter Polls are a great way to ask your audiences questions on Twitter. Each poll will last for 24 hours and only have the option for two answers. How individuals vote is not publicly shared. The poll can be seen by anyone on Twitter, even if you are not following the person who created the poll.

Previously, it’s been possible to run polls on Twitter through requesting that users “favourite for X, retweet for Y”. Alternatively, you might have asked a question in a tweet and tracked the votes with the use of a hashtag – but this was a difficult method to keep count of votes.

This new feature has a lot of potential and can provide businesses with key consumer information and makes it easier to track social engagement through one tweet.

How Do Twitter Polls Work?

To start a poll go to compose a tweet and select ‘Poll’.  Users can then type in the question they want to ask and edit the choices for the poll.  To submit the poll select ‘Tweet’ and the poll will start:

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What Are the Benefits of Twitter Polls?

1.) Customers can vote on content. This feature can be used to determine what content your customers will engage with and what they prefer to see you posting about. This allows users to be part of the content creation process and what they would like to see from your business.

2.) Market research. Twitter Polls are a useful tool for finding out about customer preferences if your business is designing a new product or offering a new service. A Twitter Poll would help a business decide whether the service would be useful to it’s customers.

3.) Increased engagement. This feature enables you to ask questions to your customers directly and therefore this is an effective way to encourage customers to interact and engage with your brand.

4.) Data collection. One issue with the Twitter Poll is that customers are limited to two choices when answering the poll question. But despite this, Twitter Polls still makes it easy for businesses to gather useful data from both existing and potential customers.

In the next few days this feature will also be available on desktop, IOS and Android.

Have you tried using Twitter polls? What will your business use them for?

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