When it comes to E-commerce, there are a number of benefits that having a product review section on your website can bring, not least the impact it could have on your appearance in search results.

If you’re selling a useful product at the right price and actively providing great customer service, then having a review section on your site could boost your appearance in the search rankings, as well as increasing loyalty and trust in your brand.

By allowing customers to write about your products on individual product pages, you’d be encouraging the use of natural language and unknowingly optimising those pages for a whole host of long tail keywords. For example, if someone was looking for a pair of “really comfortable winter boots” and one of your customers had used the words really comfortable in a review comment, this could trigger your appearance in those search results.

Google search result for review comment

Implementing a product review section is also an essential step towards increasing both the trust of the customer and the search engines in your company. And with Google’s ever increasing focus on quality sites, getting a host of good reviews may end up improving their opinion of your website.

However, there will be companies that still worry about the potentially negative impact on their reputation that often accompanies the implementation of a review section. But the fact is, if people don’t like your product or service, they will most likely be talking about it somewhere else already. So be transparent and allow them to comment on your weaknesses, and start looking to offer a solution to their problems. This could be your best chance to convert your disgruntled customers into brand evangelists!

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  1. David Moore says:

    You only need to look at how the likes of Amazon and ebay to see the potential value both product and customer service reviews can provide when it comes to increasing consumer trust. I think Ben’s right that it’s better to embrance customer feedback than worry about the possibility of getting a negative review as there’s evidence that suggests the odd negative review can actually help conversion rates as they make the other reviews more credible/believable. My colleague Sam wrote an article about this back in March:

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