Vince's Change Google Update

Google confirmed a small update to it’s algorithm that has caused a change in the rankings in the search engine results.  Called “Vince’s Change” this latest update has tweaked the importance of Trust in the search results.

Google wants to display pages in the search results that come from a great site, from sites that are an authority on the subject, from sites that people are talking about, and from sites that people want to link to.

This latest change, of which there are literally hundreds per year, appears to placing greater attributes such as

  • Trust
  • Authority
  • Reputation
  • Page Rank
  • Quality

This isn’t a radical change at Google, they are always seeking to serve the most appropriate content in their search results, and I wrote about Google’s update that took place in 2005 that  had very similar objectives.

There has been some discussion that “branded” websites seem to be ranking higher as a result.  Personally, I had noticed changes in the search results for some quite specific search phrases, with the top results appearing to be older pages – and it seemed odd because the content ranking well was out of date.

Why would older content be pushing its way to the top?  Think trust.

  • older  pages are likely to have more inbound links from other sites
  • older pages are likely to come from sites that are an authority in their subject matter, with quality content
  • older pages benefit from longevity and reputation

What does this mean for your business?

  • Keep getting high quality inbound links from other trust worthy websites. One perfect link is worth more than dozens of low quality links.
  • Don’t play games with your online reputation by buying spam links
  • Keep generating high quality content, and be an expert in your (keyword) business area

Here is Google’s Matt Cutts commenting on the Vince Update:

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