Do you want to know which companies have been visiting your website but are worried that you wouldn’t even know what to do with the data? Here’s a guide to how to generate leads from your website visitor data.

A1 Webstats is website visitor analytics software and, more importantly, it’s the one that we choose to use. There is a whole host of different things that can be done in A1 Webstats but I’m going to tell you how I use it to find out who’s been visiting our website.

Firstly, the way you are going to get the best results here is to set a day or time every week or month that you will dedicate to this data. I spend a couple of hours a week (every Monday morning) doing everything I need to do – it doesn’t take forever but it really is worth it!

Now let’s learn how to see who visits your website

So the first thing to master is how to get the kind of data you want. On a Monday morning I sit down, open up A1Webstats and login to see my dashboard. Your dashboard will show you your top search keywords, referrers, recent visiting companies etc. but what you want is the specifics. So at the top you will see ‘More Reports’, hover over this and click on ‘Advanced Reports’. Here you can customise your report – PERFECT!

Webstats 1


How to see who visits your website with a customised report

Customising you report is EASY! Just click what you want and don’t click what you don’t want. We choose to filter by country, only showing the UK and filter by visitors where we select ‘Companies Only’ – THIS IS IMPORTANT because it allows us to only see data from the types of people who will buy our services. Now set your time frame at the top right of the page, I do my reports weekly so I will set it from last Monday to this Monday.

Webstats 2


Your custom report is done, HURRAH! The handy website will usually scroll you down automatically to your report where you want to click ‘export to excel’.

Now we can really start seeing who visits your website

Now you should have a big (or little) spreadsheet full of the people that have been looking at your website. The company name will be displayed as it is on that company’s server so they do chop and change around a bit! My first task is to go through and take out our current clients and people we know don’t want our services, for example when I can see my mum reading my blog posts at work I delete her (sorry Mum!). The same goes for types of companies or organisations that you know just don’t suit your what you are offering. If you sort each column A-Z in turn then it becomes really each to chop people out.

Google image searches are also unlikely to generate any serious leads but if the search terms are promising then feel free to go ahead and keep them! To cut out your Google image searches sort your ‘Referrer’ column and cut out any that look like this:

Webstats 3


Next you might want to consider looking at the entry page to see whether they are a hot prospect or not. I choose to cut out those who have visited certain blog posts or pages of ours. We have a very popular post about a business directory scam that people use to gain information rather than learn about our services, so they get cut out:

Webstats 4


You may also choose to highlight visitors to promising pages or blog posts.

A1 Webstats also provides you with the keywords used to find your page (as long as Google allows this to be shared), this is more of a bonus than anything because sometimes your keywords are not provided – about 1/3 of ours included keywords this week. This may not sound like a lot but this extra information is incredibly useful for understanding why this person was on your website.
Here is a small selection to show how you can really use them as a useful indicator of how interested the person may be in your services:

Webstats 5

Here you can see the situation the searcher is in. For example searches such as ‘most expensive AdWord’ and ‘AdWord managment Nottingham’ may land a visitor on the same page of our website; without these keywords we cannot understand the visitors full intentions.


How to clean up your list of who’s been looking at your website

When you’ve whittled down your list you should be left with a bunch of company names, websites and sometimes phone numbers. Be careful not to miss any hidden company names! Especially in the case of small companies you may find their company details reading ‘N/A’, ‘Virgin Media’ or ‘BT’ but usually the third company detail will give you the company name albeit hidden in a different format, for example:

Webstats 6


From either of these you could tell that I have been visiting your website.


Different companies have different server and internet set ups so the list is never going to look lovely and clean straightaway but with a little bit of digging you can easily fill in the details and end up with beautiful list full of hot new leads who have already made the first step to finding out about your company! Now that is amazing.

As I’ve already mentioned A1 Webstats offers a lot more to help you make the most of your website – things you may just see me write about soon!

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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