Vivaldi Review: The Multi-Taskers Web Browser

Posted on 15/04/2016 by Team Hallam

Tech Group Vivaldi Has Developed a New Web Browser for the Modern Day Multi-Tasker

Moving away from a simple web browser such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Vivaldi has provide a solution to our everyday web browsing struggles.

It can be downloaded here.

So how is it different to your current browser? Jon from Vivaldi describes it as “a browser for ourselves and for our friends. A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you.”

I’ve been using Vivaldi to see the pros and cons of its innovative features. This is my review. Get ready to customise your way to improved productivity!

Getting Started

After you’ve downloaded the web browser, it will take you through a simple setup process. You can customise almost everything, including your colour schemes, and where on the screen you want to see the side panel, URL bar, and all of your tabs. You will be prompted to enter your logins and passwords for your various email and social media accounts.

Multiple Tabs on One Screen

Get ready to use multiple live tabs at once. You can “stack” your tabs and view multiple web panels or “tiles” at once. No more switching and clicking between tabs!

You can monitor your Twitter feed while browsing the web and keeping an eye on those waterproof walking boots on eBay. And if it ever gets overwhelming, you can quickly reduce your view to one page by “un-grouping the tab stack”.

Vivaldi multiple tabs

The Side Panel

Notes, Downloads, Bookmarks and More!

The side panel has great potential for new features. It currently holds bookmarks, downloads, notes, and the option to add a new web panel. They’ve even added bookmarks to get you started.

The inclusion of a notes section at the side of my screen is my favourite feature. Rather than opening Word or jotting some badly written notes, I can now make simple notes that I won’t forget about. You can add URLs to your notes so you can go back to your source.

And rather than needing a separate tab for downloads you can simply click the downloads button in the side panel.

Vivaldi Panel                vivaldi bookmarks


Choice of Search Engines

The defualt browser is Bing, but you can easily change it in the top right corner to whichever search engine you prefer: Google, Bing, Wikipeadia, Yahoo, and Duckduckgo. YouTube would be a great addition to the list, as people are watching videos more than ever.

Below I searched for pizza delivery in Nottingham using Google while simultaneously using the Wikipeadi search engine to read about Word War Two. You can see how this could be useful.

vivaldi search engine choice

A slight is issue is that once you have multiple tabs to one screen, Vivaldi changes the search engine in the top corner to  the one used most recently. The search engine choice isn’t specific to the tab. You have to keep changing it. But this isn’t too much of an issue, and it’s great that we have the choice to easily customise our search.

Faster Navigation

Vivaldi wants to make it as easy as possible to find what you want. By pressing F2 anywhere within the browser, you can carry out a search.

Vivaldi f2 search

Additional features:

  • Rewind  – In addition to the the normal back and forward buttons you see on Google Chrome there is a Rewind function takes you back to the domains you have previously visited.
  • Fast Forward – I didn’t have much luck with this feature, but it’s meant to take you the next most logical landing page. When browsing a image gallery it worked. But I could have just as easily clicked the arrow button provided.
  • Speed Dial – When opening a new tab, you can quickly click onto your favourite page. Google Chrome does something similar which is based on the sites you most frequently visit rather than your favourite websites.
  • Languages – The language options are more diverse using Vivaldi, and include Galican, Belarusian and Armenian.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Vivaldi is designed for quick and easy use which means less mouse and more shortcuts.
  • Web Page Zoom – Easier web page zoom which works well when viewing multiple tiles at once.
  • Email – One of the next features rumoured to be added is email, your normal email will work fine using Vivaldi but they plan on improving the user experience further.

Should I Stick to My Standard Browser?

Vivaldi admits that this web browser may not be for everyone, but their main marketing message is that, because of its extensive customisation options, this a browser for you.

“Vivaldi should adapt to you. It shouldn’t feel like a browser for everyone. Because it isn’t. It’s for you.”

Vivalid offers what your current web browser is doing and more. Give it a try, as it has the potential to improve productivity and shake-up the way we use the web.

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Vivaldi Review: The Multi-Taskers Web Browser

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