A blend of strategic insight, rapid prototyping and iterative design

Our UX specialists deliver extraordinary user experiences through an in-depth, collaborative approach. We focus on three key foundations:


Insights and discovery

Using personas, we define the key objectives for users and explore patterns and trends that can help to give the user a flawless experience.


Journeys and prototyping

Using a mix of sketching and the latest prototyping tools, we map out wireframes of the full user journey that fulfils all of the key user objectives.

User testing

Our testing process is critical to validate our decisions and apply user feedback to identify ways we can make the experience more refined and intuitive.

We deliver simple, purposeful digital experiences

The Hallam UX team are renowned for delivering award-winning user experiences for adventurous startups, established local businesses that want to get ahead online, and household names with thousands of demanding users.

Our strategic UX thinkers can help you identify your users and create objectives to build a strong connection with them online. With a visionary strategy in place, our designers can focus on the detail that aims to guide and delight your users, giving you the edge online.

A collaborative and iterative UX process

We aim to create user experiences that help users feel as if the technology they are using is an extension of themselves. To do that, we utilise a refined set of skills.

With methods such as card sorting, we map out the architecture of the site to create a blueprint for the user experience. We then take an object-oriented approach to prototyping, prioritising the users objectives.

Rigorous user testing

We finish off with one of the most important parts of the process – rigorous user testing. While we use our own experience and intuition to shape our designs initially, we always gather user feedback via testing to confirm that our solutions are effective.

Client testimonial

A deep understanding of what makes our clients tick

“Hallam took the time to learn and care about our business and most importantly what we wanted to achieve from a new, improved website.”

Susan Wheatcroft, Founder, Virtual Runner

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