Just how good is your website?

Website Grader is a free tool which evaluates your website on 5 broad search engine marketing factors, giving you a succinct score out of 100.

It’s quite a nifty little tool. And of course I like it because my site scored a respectable 93%.

It takes into consideration approximately 20 sets of factors, grouped into 5 broad categories:

  1. On Page factors, such as Title tags, meta tags, Alt tags, and readability
  2. Off Page factors such a Page Rank, frequency of spiders crawling, Alexa rank, and inbound linking
  3. Blogosphere including Technorati rank
  4. Social Mediasphere which means social bookmarking on Digg and
  5. Conversion to sales, checking to see if you have forms and an RSS feed

It can provide you with a useful overview of your search marketing efforts in one easy to read report.

And thanks to Pete over at Hoop Media for the suggestion.

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  1. Mike Volpe says:

    Thanks for writing about and linking to Website Grader. We appreciate it!

    And congrats on the 93! That’s a very good grade.

    Mike Volpe
    VP Marketing

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