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We’re Google Ads Premier Partner Awards finalists!

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Megan McVeigh

Senior Marketing Executive

The Google Ads Premier Partner Awards return this year, celebrating the best of the best in the digital marketing industry. 
We’ve made it through as a finalist in the International Growth category in this year’s prestigious Google Ads Premier Partner Awards, as a result of our campaign strategies that have helped our clients expand into new markets and drive sustainable, international growth. 
Jack Brown, Head of Paid Media, said: “As a Google Premier Partner, Hallam are recognised by Google as a 
top-performing agency across the globe and in the top 3% of all digital marketing agencies. So, to be listed as a finalist one of the 6 award categories is a huge honour and a testament to our team’s hard work and expertise.”
International Growth is increasing in importance as the world becomes a more connected economy and more businesses are coming online to widen global reach. 
“Becoming a Google Partner shows prospective clients you have what it takes to help them grow online,” explains Davang Shah, Senior Director, Ads Marketing, Google. “For small businesses that have just started out, or even larger firms yet to take their first step online, it’s reassuring to know they’re working with a reputable provider that’s approved by Google. Being recognised as a finalist places these Partners at the pinnacle of delivering excellent results for their clients and is a great place to work.”

So, how did we make it to the finals?

We’ve been a Google International Growth Partner since 2020 and have worked closely with Google to develop a 5-step International Growth Framework to help our clients expand their businesses internationally. Currently, 35% of our client base exports internationally, and over 20% of overall revenue generated from our clients comes from outside of their home market. 
Google smart bidding solutions have further helped to improve the performance of our clients accounts and we are proud to say that, on average, our international clients achieve:

  • 73% increase in ROAS in the first 12 months working with Hallam
  • 48% increase in revenue in the first 12 months working with Hallam

At an agency level, we’re also tracking overall performance of our international clients, and have grown export revenue by 84% in the past year.
Our results have been validated time and time again including the fact we won the 2019 EMEA Google Premier Partner award for ‘Growing Businesses Online’ based on verified client performance within our Google Ads MCC.
Back in 2019, we won the Google Premier Partners Growing Businesses Online award, verifying our results and capability of helping clients achieve international goals. By being shortlisted as a finalist this year, the continuous developments we’ve made since then are once again recognised.

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