Non Branded Keywords

It’s important to know about your non-branded keyword traffic because this represents the portion of all your website visitors who have discovered and visited your website, but most importantly don’t already know about you or your company.

Non-branded keywords as the name suggests, are keywords, search queries and terms that people are typing into the Google search box and subsequently using to find your products and services and presence on the internet that do not include your company name.

Branded Keywords

In contrast branded keywords might include your organisation or business name, a trading name, or the names of any prominent individuals within your company or organisation.

For example our branded keywords are more than likely to be “Hallam, Susan Hallam or Hallam Marketing” amongst others—all three search terms suggest the person typing them really already knows about us and what we do, they’re just not sure what our website address is off the top of their head. This might suggest repeat business, however does not accurately reflect potential new business leads obtained through search.

Google is more than a directory of companies

Some people still think that Google or a search engine is just for people to type in your company name, which is essentially like a having Yellow Pages directory page turned for you—and online search really is far more powerful and beneficial to your business than this!

Where an SEO Agency can really add benefit to you is optimising your website for phrases that describe particular products or services that are strongly matched to the intentions and expectations of the person searching.

In this example, what would you rather be found for? “painters and decorators” or the “The Paint Splash Co.”

Well… actually, they’re both clearly very useful to be found for, however “painters and decorators” would be more beneficial for you if you were to be looking to acquire new customers from your website. And the most important question, do you have any non branded traffic come to your website at all? If you don’t know, you’ll want to consider how our services can help you get the most out of your existing website.

How or Where would I check my branded and non-branded keywords?

In order to check the sort of keywords people are using to find your website you will already need to have Google Analytics tracking installed on your website. We can also help you set this up for you if you don’t already take advantage of Google Analytics.

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