Beware social media experts, particularly if your gut instinct says they might be an idiot. I have chosen one Twitter “expert” to use as a case study to give you 3 lessons on what not to do on Twitter.

Let’s review some of his choicest tweets, and see what we can learn.  These tweets are so bizarre that it is true when I say I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

I know picking on any particular individual is unkind but  he professes to be an expert, and all of these tweets are in the public domain. Nevertheless,  I have anonymised the individual but once he sees this post I’m sure he will be delighted to be the centre of attention, and only disappointed I didn’t give him his 15 minutes of fame.

So, what should you not do on Twitter?

Lesson 1:  Don’t try to get tens of thousands of thousands of followers

Twitter is about Quality, not Quantity

First, let me start by saying that this consultant has an offer on his website to buy Twitter followers at a cost of 3 pence per follower.  Ask yourself whether these Twitter fans have any influence, any impact on your busines, or indeed will ever buy anything from you.

Don’t aspire to 37,000 Twitter followers. This is social networking on hallucinogenics: you will become deluded about your own  importance, and will forget your main objectives for using this social platform:

That kind of volume of Twitter followers might not have an authentic ring…

Twitter Quality vs Quantity

And if you are going to assume that your follower numbers are a sign of your influence, then be very careful that your numbers continue to grow.

I did some quick maths, and if he had 37,164 followers on 22 September, and 37,148 followers on 26 November, then if I’m not mistaken the follower numbers really are falling?



Lesson 2:  Don’t say stupid things

Watch what you say: Tweets are public and Twitter has a long memory


If you are using Twitter for business, then it is safe to assume you shouldn’t talk about Hitler. Surely you will be able to think of other business topics…

I think most business owners would agree that it is not a good idea to commit libel on Twitter

And accusations of paedophilia might not reflect well on our own brand


Lesson 3:  Don’t mess with Twitter!

Understand the rules of Twitter engagement


Just because you follow someone certainly does not mean they have any interest in following you back. And threats to unfollow are… not persuasive.


People on Twitter choosing to block you is not a good sign. And probably not something you want to brag about


So, what should you do to use  Twitter well?

Start by avoiding these clangers on Twitter.

Our experts at Hallam  can advise you on your Twitter strategy, starting building a base of highly engaged, highly influential followers.  We can help you develop a content strategy. And we can help you to use Twitter to generate enquiries and build your reputation on the Internet.  Get in touch, and we can have a chat about how your business should be using Twitter.

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3 responses to “What Not To Do On Twitter”

  1. Going to read the other blog posts you have about twitter now. I don’t really understand twitter yet, but I do post some of my you tube videos there which has useful content and I am getting some sales. 50% of my marketing is working, I just wish I knew which 50%.
    I like your down to earth approach and would like your help and guidance to move my business forward

  2. Russell says:

    I would suggest that repeating and circulating a statement about Lord McAlpine that is established as libellous is also a very foolish thing not to do.

    Best Regards


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