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New company name, new website, new members of staff, new email addresses…

We had a very successful 2011, and the New Year brings in exciting new changes for Team Hallam.

We have changed our name to Hallam. It’s not a big change, but the new name more accurately reflects our expertise in delivering Internet marketing solutions for our clients.  I think it will make it easier for businesses to understand our core offerings, and better communicates our strategic focus.

Going forward, our domain name will be www.hallam.co.uk and our email addresses will now take the format [email protected]

Notice that our company logo remains unchanged, representing continuity in our company values and commitment to providing the trustworthy and innovative services to our clients that we are so well known for.

Alongside our new company identity, we’re launching our new website, and we hope you like the new fresh and clean design.  We’ll be writing more about the specific design elements incorporated in the new site.

And finally, we have two new members of staff join the team:  Pat Wilson, our friendly and helpful Business Coordinator, and we welcome Mike Hallam, Commercial Manager, who will be helping the business to achieve it’s ambitious growth targets.

Wishing you all the best for 2012 from all of us at Team Hallam!


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  1. Congratulations! Looks fantastic. Great wishes for 2012. Let me add I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of your crew. Needless to say you have a wonderful crew. I know you and your team will be a wonderful addition and partner to any company working towards a successful 2012 online endeavors.

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