Do you think you’re beautiful? Or are you ugly?

How do you feel about having your staff and team photos on your website?

I’m a great believer that people do business with other people, and having staff photos on your website is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

We provide professional services, and I know folk want to be able to see who they are going to do business with.

But the need to be able to put a name to a face is equally important for your staff in customer service roles, for international teams, for senior management teams: anybody in the business.

We have recently had new team photos taken by Paul Saxby, a great photographer who specialises in corporate headshots, and I’m delighted with the results.

The Hallam Team

I had a number of objectives in mind for the team photos for our website:

It was worthwhile discussing my expectations with Paul.  Taking the time to articulate my expectations meant the photographer was able to further clarify my thinking, give me practical suggestions, and make sure he had a good handle on our brief.

In brief, I wanted:

  • To convey the personality of our Hallam brand
  • Show us as warm and friendly, but also professional
  • Create a set of images in a consistent style, but retaining each of our own individual personalities

I think Paul did a great job, and I’m delighted with the results!


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Paul Saxby has written his own case study:  Corporate Headshots – Putting a Face on Your Company


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