It has had a slow start and met much resistance, but Google+ appears to finally be getting some traction in the business community. So why should your business use Google Plus?

I’m often asked if  there are enough people using Google+, or if it is worth the time and effort of adding yet another social network to your already overburdened marketing team.

The answer is yes to both, and you should hurry up and get on the Google+ band wagon.

I’m going to keep the reasons why short and sweet:

  • it is playing an increasingly important role in your search engine optimisation strategy
  • it is already an integral part of your Google Local strategy
  • it influences the appearance of your web content in the search results
  • it allows you to communiate both broadly and selectively with your contacts, tailoring messages to particular audiences or “circles”
  • you can have an account, and your business can have a seperate account, too

And I love this (rather huge) Google+ for business infographic produced by Chris Brogan, and by the way I’m reading his book Google+ for Business: how Google’s social network changes everything


why use Google Plus for your business

2 responses to “Why Use Google Plus for your Business”

  1. Julie hall says:

    Great article Susan! I have Chris Brogan’s book but haven’t read it yet, so the infographic was particularly useful. We’re just exploring whether we should increase pur focus on Google+, and it looks like the answer is yes.

  2. Valuable insights. Very informative and direct. Thank you

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