How To Write Adwords Ad Copy – Writing For The User Not The System.

Posted on 14/01/2015 by Team Hallam

Writing ad copy is perceived to be the most important aspect of an Adwords account and can also be very time consuming. Finding the balance between writing for the user and to achieve a high ad rank within the system can be very challenging in such a small number of characters.

Firstly how Adwords determines your quality score and why it is important.

Adwords determines your quality score based on a whole host of different factors, however I will only discuss the factors that are directly related to your Adwords Ads.

The factors that affect your quality score determined from your ad are:How To Write Adwords Ads

  • Ad Relevance
  • Expected Click Through Rate (CTR)

Having a good quality score is important as it in some part helps to improve your ad rank. A good ad rank means that you can lower your cost per click and increase your overall position with the paid search results.

Ad Relevance

Ad relevance is (as you may expect) how relevant Google deems your ads based on the words used in your ad copy compared to your keyword list. This is, as I like to call it, writing ads to “please the system” and must be treated with a lot of thought when creating your ads. Google recommends that it is best practice for the keyword that is being used to search be included in the ad as much as possible, this can be done in the following areas:

  • Ad Title
  • Ad Description
  • Display URL

Now, that being said, would you click an ad that simply stated over and over the keyword in which you were searching for? Not many people do, this will ensure that you do not get success when targeting your target audience.

Expected Click Through Rate

The expected click through rate is the percentage of times your ad is clicked when compared to the number of times it is shown (number of impressions). A good click through rate can lead to a higher quality score and therefore an increase in ad position or a decrease in the cost per click, either are positive outcomes.

To increase the chances of your ad being clicked when triggered it is important to write engaging content that contains either a unique offering or call to action. This is what I refer to when mentioning writing for the user.

Finding The Balance

Now this is where the challenge lies, how can you write an ad that engages with your target audience whilst pleasing Google by containing the target keyword? Unfortunately there is not an exact answer to this, what I will say though is that it is very important to find a balance between writing for the system and the user.

That being said I would place a higher emphasise on the importance of writing ads that you feel represent your brand, are consistent with the message on your website and will give the user enough information to make a decision whether to click. This can all be very challenging with just 95 characters on 3 lines of an ad, so be prepared to be creative.

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How To Write Adwords Ad Copy – Writing For The User Not The System.

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