I talk a lot about search engine spiders, and how they index the text on your website.

But what about us humans?

How easy is it to read the text on your website? How easy is it to understand?

A “readability test” is an automated analysis of the copy on your website. The test looks at relative difficulty of reading your text:

  • the number of words in each sentence
  • the number of syllables in each word
  • the complexity of sentence structure & grammar

The test provides you with the reading age or years of schooling. If you want to reach a broad audience, then you need to be writing at a level equivalent to 8 years of schooling.

Use these readability tests to determine your Fog Index, your Reading Ease Index, or how many years of schooling a reader needs to understand your copy.

Juicy Studio: Readability Test will test your online web pages

Document Readability Test lets you cut and paste your text for testing, and makes recommendations for improvements.

What about this page? You need 10 years of schooling to read it easily, and it fails the recommended Reading Ease test.

Let me know if you understood it, and whether you found it easy to read!

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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