Ann Smarty has produced an inspired article of the  Ultimate Collection of Online SEO Tools. All the resources she mentions are useful for search engine optimisation, are free, and are web based.

I think one of the best SEO books on the market is Planet Ocean’s Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars. The site is a bit hard sell, a bit cheap and nasty looking, but the materials are excellent quality, and I’m sure to review their monthly update.

There are many collections of tools on the web, but you might also want to take a look at, and it is worth evaluating to see which ones you feel suit your requirements best:

Probably best to open the blog to comments, and see what other recommendations you all come up with…

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  1. I was exhibiting at the Export event in Loughborough yesterday and unfortunately I missed your two workshops.
    I thought you’d like to know that the feedback from the delegates I spoke to afterwards was very good, which made it doubly frustrating!
    A couple of them spoke about the free online/downloadable info tool that you mentioned during your presentation – one person thought it was called RedFly (or something similar), but I can’t find a reference to that anywhere.
    I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind confirming the name of that tool, which effectively sounds similar to something Google are incorporating into a new product that they are currently working on.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
    General Manager
    The Institute of Export

  2. susanhallam says:

    The tool I mentioned at the workshop is Redfly Marketing’s “Google Global” – a Firefox extension that allows you to see organic and paid Google results for different countries. It’s been around for a quite a while, but there is ann update that allows access to more granular data.

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