Email Marketing

Do you collect personal information on your website? You may have a Contact Us form, or a newsletter subscription form that collects names, email addresses, phone numbers, that sort of thing.

Are you sure your website is complying with the Data Protection Act in terms of how you collect and store that personal data?

More importantly, did you know that company directors and senior managers are personally criminally liable for in the event of failing to comply with the Act. And saying “you’re sorry but you didn’t know” is just not good enough.

The Information Commissioner has published a very useful Guide to Collecting Personal Information Using Websites (PDF)

I learned a few new things:

  • how and when you need to display your privacy policy statement, and the principle of having 3 “layers” of privacy policy statements
  • your responsibilities if your site collects personal data using “cookies”
  • publishing personal information about staff or clients on your website
  • restrictions on “scraping” email addresses off websites and using them for email marketing

Happy reading!

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